Car history found instantly thanks to new HPI Check app


Even with the best intentions, those looking for a new car let their hearts rule their heads if they find their dream car at a great price and all the checks they had planned to do are forgotten. Now, however, you can find out the full history of a used car any place and any time thanks to HPI as the well known vehicle checking service has launched its new app.

The HPI Check App is now available of free download from Google Play and the App Store, and provides you with the most comprehensive vehicle history checks you will find anywhere, and all directly through your smartphone. HPI have a strong history which dates back to 1938, and uses such sources of data as the DVLA, the police, finance houses, insurance companies, garages, industry bodies and their own HPI National Mileage Register. This all goes towards providing you will the best possible picture of the history of any car.

Phil Peace, Operations Director for HPI, comments, “Making sure the car is all that it seems to be might not be the most exciting aspect of car buying, but it is certainly one of the most important. If someone buys a car which turns out to be recorded as stolen by the police or subject to outstanding finance, they could lose the car and the money they paid for it. With our new App buyers can speed up the process by doing their history check standing by the side of car they are looking to buy, which will give them instant confidence to make an informed purchase decision.”

For just £16.99, the HPI App offers consumers the best defence against all the dangers of used car buying, informing them if a vehicle has any outstanding finance, is recorded as stolen, has previously been written off, or has a mileage discrepancy (mileage information provided where available and discrepancy is registered). 1 in 3 vehicles checked by HPI has a hidden history, making it crucial the buyers don’t take chances and use the App to check a vehicle before purchase.

In addition to giving buyers all the facts about the history of a vehicle, the new App will also tell them how quick, green and economical it is. Where available, the App details car performance and CO2 data for free. Plus, the App provides road tax costs and MPG information – giving consumers a true idea of the cost of ownership and environmental impact of their prospective purchase.

“The new HPI Check App delivers the facts straight to a mobile device to provide an instant snapshot of a vehicle’s history, arming buyers with the information they need for the all important negotiations at the point of purchase” concludes Peace.

“Although it is an emotional purchase, buying a car is also a huge financial outlay, so the correct precautions need to be taken to avoid being taken for a ride. The new HPI App makes getting a history check as easy as touching a button – so why chance it?”