Car accident results in an Audi in the living room


An early morning accident this week left one home owner with a nasty surprise and the rest of the neighbourhood in complete shock. A large bang in the middle of the night is never a good thing, but being woken up to find an Audi TT in the front of your living room is pretty much going to top any other type of bang.

The driver was thought to be in his twenties and reportedly lose control of his vehicle around 1.45am in the morning. What makes this story spectacular is that somehow the car mounted the pavement of the drive way and flew over a hedge before jumping over two parked cars in the driveway and coming to rest in the brickwork and front window of the home.

The car was left hanging about four feet off the ground with the rear of the car resting on another car in the driveway. The £250,000 house is thought to have sustained a great deal of damage and expects are looking over its structural integrity.

Home owner, 40 year old Paul Welham was in bed when the accident occurred and no one is thought to have been injured in the home. The driver of the car was trapped and had to be cut out of the vehicle by fire fighters in Suffolk. He was then taken to the hospital with serious head injured that required him to be transferred to speciality hospital Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge.

Suffolk Police sergeant Bob Patterson stated that collision investigators will come out to the scene later in the day but they are not sure how this could have happened. Long Meadow Walk was closed for a brief time while the driver was rescued and due to a suspected gas leak at the residence.