Brake Road Safety Week


Road Safety Week is a week of events that has been organised by Brake, the road safety charity. As part of the week police officers have been talking to people in the community about having a greater awareness on the U.K.’s roads and how to prevent serious injuries on the street.

David McLaren is the Chief Inspector of Met Police Traffic Unit and he is commented, “This year as part of Road safety week we are particularly hoping to tackle the issue of young people dying on our roads. Road safety is something we can all do something about and we should in order to prevent more unnecessary deaths.”

In Britain nearly 20 people under 25 are seriously injured or killed while in a car each day. Around six people in the same age bracket are seriously injured or killed while riding bicycles or on foot.

Across London traffic police are holding events and activities designed to raise the awareness of people about dangers on the road. They will be working with motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and LGV drivers. The primary aim during this week is to inform people about the risks on the road, but the police will also be enforcing the law as usual.

During Road Safety Week the police will visit young people in college who are just learning to drive and give them leaflets about being safer on the roads. Police officers will also be increasing the number of inspections they are making on vehicles to make sure they are roadworthy, this comes as winter months are approaching and some vehicles are unsafe to be on the road. Later in the week there will be events highlighting the risks of speeding on a motorbike and the increased dangers of driving a light goods vehicle. For those breaking the law fines will be issued.