Brain Injury Group give their full backing to the GO 20 campaign


50% of all traumatic brain injuries are the result of motor vehicles either crashing into other cars, truck, motorcycles, cyclists or pedestrians. This is the reason behind the support the Brain Injury Group is giving this years Road Safety Week.

They are the headline sponsor for this annual initiative, which is coordinated by the charity ‘Brake’, and the aim is to get drivers to reduce their speed in urban areas and GO 20 where there are houses, schools and shops and in other built up areas.

The Brain Injury Group are a national network of support services and lawyers specialising in brain injuries. Sally Dunscombe is the director of the group, and she says that their members encounter a vast and varied range of people with brain injuries and a very high number of these have suffered their injury as the result of a crash involving a motor vehicle.

She added that together they work with people whose injuries are considered the fault of a third party, indicating that many of the road crashes that their clients are involved in were preventable through more careful driving,”

“We are delighted the Brain Injury Group is supporting Road Safety Week and helping us spread the word about making the roads safer for everyone to prevent devastating casualties,” says Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at Brake.

“Our focus this year is on encouraging drivers to slow down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops so everyone can walk and cycle safely.”

“Our work highlights that road crashes cause terrible suffering and turn people’s lives upside down,” explains Sally. “Slowing down to 20mph makes an enormous difference in preventing road casualties and we are committed to playing our part by getting behind this important campaign.”

Every day in the UK, 19 adults and seven children (age 0-17) are knocked down and killed or seriously hurt when on foot or bike. In 2011 pedestrian and cyclist deaths and serious injuries went up significantly, bucking the long-term trend.

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