After four years stolen DVLA logbooks still being used for theft


dvlaIn the past four years thousands of vehicles were stolen using blank documents that were obtained from the DVLA illegally.

Police were able to recover about ten faked log books every week, but there are around 130,000 blank books that were taken in 2006 missing.

The Association of Chief Police Officers stated that over 11,000 cars that were valued at over £13m have been faked so that stolen cars can be sold as in their place as legitimate vehicles.

Mark Hooper, the Detective Chief Inspector from the APCO crime intelligence service said that they are working along with the DVLA to get to the bottom of the theft of the vehicle registration documents.

Hooper continued to say that the victims are innocent motorists, but there are a few simple steps that the public can take so that they are protected.

The DVLA website has published a list of serial numbers that were within the stolen log books so that the public can be on guard and check the blank registration certificate numbers when they purchase a vehicle.