Want to pay lees for car insurance, be a woman


ms-logoPrice comparison website Moneysupermarket.com compared more than six million quotes to find that men on average pay about £860 for auto insurance premiums while women only pay about £516 for their insurance premiums.

However, the largest difference in gender premiums appears in teenagers with an 18 year old female only paying about half of what an 18 male pays, which is a whopping £1,080 difference on average.

Teenage males however who drive for a few years are able to drop their average premiums from £2,300 to £1000 once they are age 20.

Head of the motor insurance company Steve Sweeney stated that men have always had to pay higher insurance premiums when compared to men, which are shown in the large differences in the study.

Most insurance companies see women as mature safer motorists; which is why their premiums cost less in general and also decrease quicker as a woman ages than premiums of men.

Sweeney went on to state that males will always find themselves forced to pay more for insurance, especially those who are younger because they considered to be a high insurance risk.

The age of an insured male motorist differs largely by age with a man in his twenties paying about £1,000 a year while a man in his thirties pays around £470.