UK has the most uninsured drivers


A new law that is designed to reduce premiums paid by drivers who meet the law properly, has a consequence of taking away the vehicles of nearly a million British motorists who are uninsured.

The program requires each vehicle to be verified against a database of insured motorists. Those not found in it will receive a stiff penalty and eventually have their car impounded and destroyed.

Of all countries in Western Europe, the UK has the most uninsured drivers. The intention of the British government in tightening the screws is to reduce that £30 per year tacked onto premiums. This addition was created to compensate for the £500 million each year in costs caused by uninsured motorists.

It’s only weeks from Mike Penning’s, the Road Safety Minister’s, approval. He noted, “Between the insurance companies and us, together we are insuring that all vehicles carry insurance. The number of uninsured vehicles on the road is unimaginable, somewhere in the millions. I hear some say, ‘My car just sits in front of my house. No one uses it. So why should I have to pay for insurance? I pay the taxes.’ Insurance is not optional, since the vehicle could be used any day in an emergency. At that time it would not be covered unless it is insured.”

This new program is a cooperation between the DVLA and insurance companies, where they will cooperate in examining their databases and send a letter as a first warning to owners of uninsured vehicles. The letter is a threat to fine, followed by an actual fine of £100. If the individual continues to ignore the penalty and warnings their car will be impounded and crushed. The off-road exemption regarding road tax will still be an option.

Currently the law only provides penalties to drivers found driving an actual vehicle at the moment of encounter. The 2006 Road Safety Act, which is presently dormant, will provide for a new crime of having a vehicle that is not properly insured.