TomTom sells information to Dutch police


GPS maker TomTom has announced they, by selling anonymous user data, helped Dutch police set up speed traps, all this after a week of more than enough privacy issue snafus. Because of many smartphones how coming with built in navigation systems, GPS companies are starting to lose a great deal of revenue.

Therefore, companies like TomTom are hoping to offset some of their losses by selling personal traffic data to local law enforcement. Even though the information that was handed over to the Dutch authorities was anonymous they admit they stepped over the bounds. They said they never thought it would be used that way and that a great number of their clients were very angry about it.

Nevertheless that are not done collecting that kind of data and they are not done selling the anonymous user data. The only thing they will do is to modify the user licensing agreements so that the information cannot be used like it was by the Dutch authorities, there is no news as to whether any similar deals are in the offing in the UK.