The state of British motorways over Christmas


For those who spend time every morning and night stuck in endless traffic jams as they are forced to commute to and from work at the busiest times of day, the thought of going for a long leisurely drive at the weekend, especially in winter, can seem about as appealing as a visit to the dentists. There are an ever increasing number of savvy motorists, however, who have realised that the best of winter can be enjoyed from inside a car.

British winters, with low light and clean air, often offer the perfect driving conditions to really see the best of what nature has to offer at this time of year. The vast and varied landscapes which undulates from towering mountains to deep ravines is dramatic and exquisite in turn during the winter months, and some areas that beg to driven around at this time of year are the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands.

There is something every unique and beautiful about enjoying the qualities of the British scenery when you are wrapped up in a cosy car and sheltered from the elements. If you want the ultimate driving experience in winter then head out to the more remote areas of the UK, and the countryside of Northern England and the north of Scotland are amongst the most satisfying, with rugged, unspoilt beauty waiting to be discovered.

There is one dark cloud on the horizon of this perfect winter picture however, and that is the condition of British roads. This is a major reason for why so many choose not to drive for leisure, as they fear the condition of the roads once they get out onto the motorways. The fact is that even if the driving conditions are pretty deplorable on urban side roads, main roads and motorways are kept as clear as possible due to the gritting programme.

You will no doubt have seen those small vehicles spraying the roads when snow and ice is forecast, this is to stop the surface becoming like sheet ice and making driving conditions particularly hazardous. Rock salt is used in colder weather by householders to ensure drives  and pathways remain clear, and they often use in outside of their homes as well to make sure they don’t fall when going to their car etc.

The fact is that there are many ways of ensuring that roads stay clear enough to enjoy driving in the winter, and once you get to the motorways they will be in a lot better state than you would have originally thought. As for those little side streets that the councils claim they can’t afford to grit, neighbours are pooling together and buying sacks of rock salt and distributing it themselves on the pavements and the road of their street.

Don’t let the wintry weather in Britain keep you from enjoying some leisurely driving, with a little forethought you can make sure the local roads are clear and safe and once you hit the major roads you can motor in safety to your hearts content.