The problems of tyre repair kits highlighted


More and more drivers are complaining about their problems when they suffer a blown tyre. Most of them are unaware that many of the new vehicles don’t come with a spare tyre and this turns a small problem into a huge one.

In many new vehicles, the spare tyre is replaced by a tyre repair kit which can be used to seal a small puncture. However, repairing a tyre is a complicated process and many drivers can’t do it by themselves. The worst thing, is that the repair can be ineffective is the puncture is too big.

Green Flag, a break down service, reported that their RAC department annually receives over 80000 calls from drivers who don’t have a spare driver. The number was much lower in the past, when each car came with a spare tyre. Crackers Patel, patrol man at RAC, was a guest at the Watchdog programme on Wednesday and he stated: “The sealant kits are ineffective and in many cases its impossible to use them.”

A ‘victim’ of the new tyre repair kits was alto invited to speak in the show and he told his story about the beginning of 2012. His tyre blew on New Year’s Day and his Vauxhall Zafira only had a tire repair kit. However, his tyre was completely torn apart and the sealant kit was inefficient. Changing a tyre takes 10-15 minutes, but he had to call the recovery services and wait over 2 hours until they deal with the problem.

If you somehow manage to take advantage of the sealant kit, you are in for a surprise, because many tire fitters refuse to repair tires which have been repaired using the special kits. Their excuse is that removing the sealant is too expensive and takes too much time.