The Mitsubishi Shogun Black Edition


The Mitsubishi Shogun Black Edition is unlike any other family car on the road. The special-edition SG4 is packed with features, power and capability, wrapped in a package appeasing to the senses.

The Black Edition’s name refers specifically to an obvious colour change and subtle style change to the typical Shogun features. The rig comes equipped with large matt-black wheels and black body-details, as well as some visual body changes.

The Shogun’s volatile power and supreme off-road capability remain unchanged. It features two and four-wheel drive selections, low and high range settings, and a lockable centre differential; perfect for mud-plugging. Its beefy suspension system is built for work, especially in the rear, where payload hinders and sags lesser vehicles.

Its 3.2 liter turbo-diesel motor provides an abundance of torque and power. While most large diesel engines make use of six or eight cylinders, which makes for a smooth ride but robs a vehicle of natural torque, The Shogun’s four 800cc pistons can push and pull roughly 7.5 tons at will with minimal effort. Try as they might, engineers have been unable to match such power in even turbo-managed six and eight cylinder engines.

Such rugged assurance and strength is invaluable to the active family intent on traversing steep and rugged terrain with a payload. Load the tow hitch with a boat, trailer, or caravan, pile in the cab, and head out on the road. Its low-gear capabilities may even prove necessary in escaping a wet hillside camp site, where other vehicles may fail or spin due to the weight and strain of a heavy load. The Shogun’s performance will not be hindered or slowed.

The SG4’s slow, tight steering is ideal for off-road conditions, where jerky turning can be detrimental in conditions that require precise navigation. Likewise, moving the Shogun smoothly down straight roads and gradual motorway curves can give the impression of calmly maneuvering a 747 from its flight deck.

Three rows and seven seats provide ample interior space, the third row being collapsible for additional storage space. Middle-row seating features a three-seat bench with plenty of legroom, front-seat flat-screens for DVD’s and video games, and two wireless game controllers that provide tangle-free command.

The Black Edition Shogun features complete leather interior, another fine forget-about-it-and-go feature, as accidents and spills leave no stains. A 12-speaker Rockford Premium Audio system complements the game system and DVD player well, while high-performance digital xenon headlights illuminate the way.

Also standard are a built-in satellite navigation GPS, parking proximity sensors and reversing camera, climate control, and electronic response for everything at the push of a button.

The Shogun also boasts a barometer, altimeter, and a detailed fuel gauge that not only indicates current fuel consumption, but also provides an average, which is perfect for calculating mileage rates at different speeds and on various terrains.

Speaking of fuel economy, the Shogun is more than impressive on the motorway. Under weight-pulling conditions, it performs at a money-saving 37 miles per gallon while traveling 60 miles per hour. That’s not bad for two and half tons.

At many thousands of pounds less than an equivalent make and model, the SG4 Black Edition is incredible. A family car built for the seasons, for regular roads and off road, the tireless Mitsubishi Shogun is an investment and a journey that will stand the test of time.