The Mail on Sunday wins long standing private clamping campaign


The Sunday version of the popular daily paper, the Daily Mail, has recently gained victory in a campaign that they have been running for over seven years, which has been demanding that people clamping on private lands face criminal charges if they continue with the activity. The new law has just been introduced which bands people towing vehicles, which have been left on private land.

This new legislation is designed to protect car owners from unscrupulous operators who try and trap motorists into parking their car in correctly and then having to pay off a significant fine. It is estimated that currently motorists have to pay over £50 million a year in release fees that might not be entirely legitimate.

It is estimated that these people who are known as cowboy clampers, are clamping over 500,000 vehicles every year, and the banning of this practice is going to save motorists a significant amount of money. The move has also caused some amount of concern because some motorists are worried that because clamping has been banned, parking tickets are going to be increasingly issued, to make sure that these people still make their money.

Norman Baker, the transport minister recently commented, “I have been wanting to change the legislation in regard to this practice for sometime, and I am well aware that the clamping the goes on is a blight on the parking sector.”

It is expected that more parking tickets are going to be issued, although it is important that people realise that these are not the same types of tickets that are issued by the police and parking wardens. Many people are estimating that there could be an increase of half a million parking tickets every year.