The Evolution Of F1 Video Games – From ZX Spectrum to Oculus Rift


No doubt you’ve seen the latest F1 video games. Games that are so realistic that you can actually end up believing you are driving the real thing at a real F1 track. Well these games have evolved over decades on different computers and devices and unless you grew with them or have checked out some of the retro F1 games you won’t know about them or perhaps very little.

The infographic below gives a map of how they evolved from 1982 on the ZX Spectrum to the current day Oculus Rift. Whether the hardware was capable of virtual reality or had outstanding graphics hasn’t always mattered, F1 games have always been popular however they looked or played.

Check out ‘The Evolution of F1 Video Games’ below!


The Evolution Of F1 Video Games
The Evolution Of F1 Video Games