The Dacia Duster makes inroads into the UK car market


It is a common view that only vehicles from automakers with millions of satisfied consumers and several years of healthy sales make for low-depreciation and stable financial propositions. However, Romanian auto maker Dacia’s Duster, with its successful entry into the UK markets, is beginning to prove otherwise. The Duster SUV, as reported, is among the top depreciation beating automobiles in the country.

Apart from being UK’s most affordable SUV, Duster also retains upto 34% of its worth after being used for 60,000 miles, or 3 years. This is barely 2% below the more expensive competitors. CAP is UK’s leading information provider of residual value, and it suggests that Duster will beat its rivals in saving on depreciation by up to £3,260.

The initial market suspicions forecasted a bleak outlook for the Duster, as people might have chosen to stay away from the entry level SUV, but as things stand, there is five months’ waiting list for interested purchasers of this car. Phil York, the Marketing Director for Dacia UK, said, “People want practical, affordable and reliable SUVs, and that’s precisely what Duster is, a truly great package.”

He added, “CAP’s views are re-assuring, but along the expected lines. We believe that the car has tremendous appeal for the UK marker. Once owners get their comforts going with this car, they’ll find it very hard to be given an alternative.

However, selling it off, or even getting another Dacia car in place of it will not be heavy on the pocket. From what we can comprehend already, the residual value for Sandero is also going to make it a very attractive purchasing option.”