Texting while driving more dangerous that drink driving


The Institute of Advanced Motorists is a UK-based charity and they have recently conducted a survey which has indicated that the use of smart phones to browse social networks, or e-mail while driving, is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.

The IAM is the largest road safety charity in the UK and it is dedicated to making driving safer on the roads. The survey has shown that around 3.5 million people who hold a driver’s license in the UK do use their smart phones while in the car. The vast majority of these are younger drivers, who are already at a higher risk simply because of their age.

The study by the company showed that texting reduces reaction time by around 40 percent, which is significantly more than the average reduction on reaction time as seen under the influence of alcohol. In doing the research, the company used a driving simulator to test people’s reaction times while using their phones.

India is the country with the highest number of road accidents in the world and recent figures released by the government of the country show that nearly 15 people die on India’s roads every hour because of the use of a mobile phone.

The results of the study have led the IAM to call on the government to start a campaign which will highlight the dangers associated with smart phone use while driving. The Institute have also urged people to stay off their phones while behind the wheel.