Tesco moves into the used car market


Supermarket giant Tesco has started a second hand car business that says they will be offering less expensive prices but test drives before purchase will not be allowed. TescoCars.com will be the new name of the formally named Carsite that was just purchased by Tesco and will have over 3,000 cars per week listed with new cars daily.

A better value for money is claimed by Tesco since they say they are eliminating the middlemen and going directly to the customer. The used cars will undergo independent inspections from RAC and will range from six months to three years old.

The inspections will check roadworthiness and safety and hire purchase protection (HPI) to be secure that the car was not stolen or still has outstanding finance. A HPI check will be available online to potential buyers and also insures that there is a valid vehicle identification number (VIN) and that it has not been written off.

Clubcard points (2,000) will be awarded by Tesco to those customers that purchase from TescoCars.com and each buyer will be given a named advisor to help with any purchasing questions they may have. They will deliver cars to your front door and if the client is unhappy there is a seven day no quibble money back guarantee.

Retailing services chief executive, Andrew Higginson said while commenting on the new launch that from the comfort of your own house you can purchase a car just like your weekly shopping and it will even be delivered to your front door.

Within the industry there are some reservations even though Tesco has assured that there is no risk purchasing dodgy or faulty cars. Auto Express editor Nick Gibbs said that is almost certain that buying online comes with a level of risk.