Skid control courses can save lives on wet roads


There are many drivers out there who have experienced the feelings of fear, shock and overwhelming powerlessness that you get when your car skids in wet conditions. With this summer being the wettest on record, the driving conditions at times have been treacherous, and for this very reason taking a skid control course is vital, according to Jayne Cooper, the company director of Drive-Tech Ltd.

This company specialises is a driver training activity company that is based in the famous grounds of Wiltshire’s Castle Combe Circuit. Jayne knows all too well that taking a course in skid control can not only save drivers lives, but also their loved ones and members of the family who are new drivers.

“How many of us have experienced the feelings of shock, fear and powerlessness that even a small skid in our car in the wet has given us?” asks Jayne. “A simple skid control course for yourself or as gift to a loved one could be one of the best things you can do to keep you and the divers in your family safe this summer”.

No matter how good we think we are as drivers heavy rain and wet roads reduce traction, manoeuvrability and visibility and can make it easy for any car to skid. Drive-Tech Ltd offer Standard and Intensive Skid Control Courses with expert trainers at their activity centre in Wiltshire.

A Skid Course is a fun way to learn potentially lifesaving driving skills in a safe off-road environment with expert guidance. A course will teach you how to control and recover from different types of skids in rear and front wheel drive cars and with different braking systems. Defensive car control is a must for all drivers that may one day prove vital.

“Although the roads are wet and dangerous now many road accidents happen after a late summer into early autumn when dry roads experience the first rains of the season – so now is the perfect time to book a course” says Drive-Tech’s director Jayne.

“Most people are surprised how much fun the Skid Courses can be and we get a lot of bookings from parents who want to do that something extra to make sure that their new driver children have all the skills to keep themselves safe”.

The Standard Skid Control Course lasts approximately 3 hours and takes place on most weekends on Saturdays and some Sundays at either 9.30am or 1.30pm. Courses are also available on the 1st & 3rd Friday afternoons of each month.

Open dated gift vouchers valid for 18 months are available for Drive-Tech driving courses.For more information or to book a course call  01249 783010 or visit