Secret filming highlights the dangers of drink driving


A secretly-filmed campaign highlighting the dangers of drink driving has been released, urging the public to act to help prevent it this Christmas –

–       More than two thirds of people helped a ‘drunk’ actor into his car

–       Of more than fifty people, just eight refused to help the actor

–       One person called the police and retained the actor’s keys

Price comparison website commissioned a secret camera Christmas campaign to highlight public apathy towards drink driving.

A 90 second video has been released by, in which an actor pretending to be drunk asks passers-by for help getting into his car.

The awareness video can be viewed here:

The actor stumbled and slurred his words as he attracted the attention of passers-by in broad daylight. Members of the public appeared stunned to see the man struggling to open his car door, with the actor briefed to ask for help getting into his car and to claim that he lived ‘just up the road’.

The aim of the video was to see if strangers would turn a blind eye to drink driving.

More than fifty people were approached by the actor and, of these; more than two thirds helped him get into his car, despite his drunkenness.

Just eight people refused to help and told the actor that he shouldn’t be driving, with one even retaining the man’s key and calling the police.

A number of people spotted the man yet carried on walking, ignoring his obvious attempts to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Figures released in January 2012 by the Association of Chief Police Officers show that more than 7,000 people were arrested during a month-long Christmas crackdown on drink driving in 2011. There were 5,000 injury collisions between the 18th December and 2 January. The total number of breath tests administered in collisions reported by police were 11,622, 6.29% less than last year. The number of those tests that were positive was 1035, with 8.91% found to be under the influence of alcohol.

Two hundred and fifty people were killed on Great Britain’s roads in 2010, with 9,500 people ‘slightly’ or ‘seriously’ injured in accidents involving a driver over the legal alcohol limit.

Sharon Flaherty, head of content and PR at had the following to say,

“Over the festive period, thousands of people will threaten the safety of others by making the decision to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol.

“Our video highlights just how many people are willing to permit drink driving, or turn a blind eye to it. The video is a hopefully shocking way to remind people that drink driving kills and that in many cases, it can be stopped. By preventing friends and family from driving under the influence of alcohol, you could save a life.”

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at the road safety charity Brake, says, “It is shocking to hear of people willingly helping a ‘drunk’ driver into his car. Drink driving is still one of the biggest killers on our roads, with one in seven UK road deaths resulting from crashes where a driver was over the limit.

We can all play a role in preventing needless tragedies this Christmas by standing up to drink driving. We’re calling on drivers to stay off the alcohol completely if driving, and advising everyone to plan ahead to make sure they can get home safely from festivities. And if someone around you is thinking of drinking and driving, speak out: it could save their life or someone else’s.”