Scotland’s Highlands are easiest place to pass driving test


The secret to passing the driving test on your first try is to take it in Scotland in the rural west region. The government’s DVLA figures reveal that non-pass rates in Highland and Argyll are about 20%, a great deal lower than other rates in the urban areas of Scotland where some are as high as 65%.

Mallaig which is west of Fort William by about 30 miles is the test centre where the percentages are most in you favour to pass with only 20% of first timers failing the test. The top ten in passing percentages are all in the same area of islands and towns like Islay, Skye and Inverary.

Hamilton the Lanarkshire town has the highest failure rate at 65% making it one of the most likely in all of the UK to fail. Glasgow has first time failure rates of about 60% and Edinburgh is just lower at about 58%.

Then comes Dundee at 55% and Aberdeen is a bit lower coming in at 49%. The hardest in the UK is in north east London a test centre in Wanstead. Word spreads quickly and many city dwellers are travelling to other areas to try and beat the system.