Scotland set to lower speed limits in rural areas


Ministers in Scotland who have been given new legal power are being urged to use it in order to reduce the speed limit seen in rural areas around the country. The government have also encouraged to set stricter drink-driving laws in the country from road safety campaigners.

The Green party for Scotland as well as safety campaigners have said that they want to see ministers significantly cut the speed limit on the roads as it would reduce deaths caused by dangerous driving.

The two organisations have also said that they believe it would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted on Scotland’s roads. They suggest that in rural areas the speed limit be reduced to 50 mph, from the current limit of 60 mph, and that it be reduced by 10 miles an hour, to 20 mph in towns and cities.

The Scotland Act, has given the Scottish government increased power when it comes to lawmaking and they’ve already used this to push through legislation which is making the drink-driving laws stricter as people will be over the limit by drinking less alcohol.

This new law brings Scotland into line with other drink-driving laws across Europe and the move is likely to put additional pressure on Westminster to reduce the current consumption limits before driving.

Although the drink-driving laws were introduced rather quickly, the Scottish government has been less keen to introduce laws that will lower the speed limits. That said, they have explicitly stated that they are not going to be increasing the speed limit in the country on the motorways to 80 mph, as is being proposed in England.