People turn to motorcycles to save on fuel and insurance


British commuters are getting hit hard as fuel prices increase to record highs, public transport is soaring and insurance rates just keep rising but now there is an alternative that is effective and efficient motorbikes and scooter offer transport that is cheaper, faster and friendly to the environment.

Leading comparison site released a study saying the cost of insurance premiums rose by over 38% in 2010 meaning drivers now pay almost £200 than they paid at the start of 2010 thereby taking the premiums to almost £700. In comparison motorcycle premiums average about £142 and it is reported that car premiums are going to continue rising and the premiums for motorcycles are expected to drop.

There is also a great savings on fuel cost by using a motorbike since they have a much higher average mpg than cars do so motorbike commuters are saving a great deal on weekly petrol costs. Certain bikes are averaging over 130 miles to the gallon and one Honda, the CBF 125 averages and incredible 160 mpg

Train fares have increased on the average by 6% and motorbikes make a great alternative to the public transport increase in costs, plus they offer the commuter an advantage of being quicker than public transport and cars saving the commuter about 30% of their commute time.