Owners face problems with their classic car MoT’s


Thousands of classic car owners will be struggling to get their MoT exempt vehicles properly taxed due to ‘technical issues’ that are considered to be on going between the VOSA and the DVLA. Owners of vehicles that were manufactured before the year of 1960 have been continually complaining about how hard it is now to obtain to their tax discs because the DVLA system will not recognise the exemption to the MoT that was first introduced in November of last year.

The DVLA did admit to the CCfS that it had several technical issues with its computers for vehicles that were made prior to 1960 but that it was working hard on correcting the issue and that once they find a resolution to it the problem will not rear its head again for re-licensing.

Although the DVLA stated that it is not quite sure how many were affected by the change, they do know that the problem only affected vehicles that were made prior to 1960 in which case the MoT was due to expire about the same time that the vehicle was licensed.

DVLA spokesperson David Whitbread stated that the Electronic Vehicle Licensing system has been linked to the MoT database that is administrated by the VOSA (Vehicle Operator Services Agency) and in just a short period of time the DVLA made changes to the system that allowed them to remove the MoT check that all vehicles have to pass through before they can be issued a tax disc.

He added that customers that have problems using the Electronic Vehicle Licensing system can head over to their Post Office to get a licence, but first they will have to complete the V112 and declare that their vehicle should be tax exempt.