New technology could help drivers avoid red lights


New technology might help frustrated motorists beat the red light as it can help them time their trip so that they can make sure every light they pass through is green. The new gadget is being developed by scientists at the Institute of Technology that believe that start-stop motoring could soon be something they used to do in the good ol’ days.

Every time a driver stops and then starts again they waste fuel, but if they got their timing just right they could glide through green lights all of the time by adjusting their speeds so that they never have to arrive at a red light.

The first trial of the new technology was conducted in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the US where the lights change regularly at fixed intervals. The second trial was conversely conducted in Singapore where light frequency alters according to traffic levels. The MIT scientists then used all of the data and information to figure out how the lights changed.

They placed mobile phones on the dashboards of cars and then using the camera took pictures of the lights with the image feeding back to a computer. At this point the scientists are able to use information that will allow them to predict when the light is going to change so that the computer can then crunch out the best speed to travel at to avoid the light.

So far, both sets of trails have been very successful with the phones only failing by a second or two when they do. Leader of the study and creator of the technology referred to as SignalGuru, Emmanouil Koukoumidis stated that the technology could help many motorists save a lot of money on fuel bills if they avoided all stops.