New speed cameras expected to catch more drivers


The speed cameras in the UK which work on film, are beginning to reach the end of their useful life, and it is expected that these are going to be replaced by a new type of speeding camera which are going to be able to catch more motorists than ever before. These cameras are going to be funded by those who have previously been caught speeding and it had to pay to attend motoring awareness classes.

Over the next 12 months it is expected that the number of digital speeding cameras are going to increase by 50 percent. This information has come out of research that has been conducted by The Daily Telegraph.

This is one of the latest initiatives by the government who are very keen on cracking down on the amount of speeding that occurs in the country. The government have said that they are also going to be increasing the speeding fine rate from £60 to £90 for a standard speeding offence.

Since taking office, the coalition government have worked very hard to crack down on speeding and this is despite various financing issues that have been called into question about speed cameras.

It seems as if the new digital cameras which will be used on the roads are going to be seriously advantageous to catching more speeders. Unlike the traditional cameras, they do not operate on film, so the number of photos they can take is indefinite. This means that if you get flashed, you almost certainly are going to be getting a ticket.

Additionally, government workers are not going to have to collect the film from the speed cameras, as the photographs are going to be beamed directly to a control centre where the plates will be identified in a speeding ticket will be immediately sent out.