New iPhone application for insurance claims


morA new iPhone application is on the way from More Th>N that provides drivers with instant assistance if an accident happens.  The new car claim app from More Th>N is the first UK car insurance company app to be introduced.

The tool’s launch is a response to a study commissioned by the car insurance group that showed that approximately 38% of all drivers do not get enough of the third party details after a car accident occurs.  In order to make a proper claim this information is vital.

Managing director of More Th>N stated that since a car accident is traumatic by nature many people find themselves too frazzled to remember all of the information that they should from the scene of the accident.

He continued to say that with the current advancements in mobile technology the company is now able to provide instant help to customers at the scene of the accident to help the claim process proceed much more smoothly so that consumers can get back to their lives as quickly as possible.

According to a statement from the firm, the new application takes the driver through a step by step assistance program of safety precautions after an accident, and then prompts the user to record vital information from the scene such as accident information and witness accounts and details.

Users can also add pictures to their file as well as upload the exact location of the accident using GPS, which built into the application.