New DVLA changes and the effects they will have on motorists


New changes will be coming to rules affecting drivers around the country as the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) said that the minimum age when you are allowed to drive will be going up for some vehicle types, along with some more changes for validity periods on some licence cards for some driving groups. These new changes will mostly be affecting motorcyclists who drive buses, lorries, minibuses and other specialized vehicles.

The DVLA said that they will also bring up a new driving licence style. Mostly, the changes will affect the format of the card itself and will affect all vehicle categories. The types allowed to drive will now be listed on the back of the card along with dates when you are allowed to drive them.

Only vehicles that have proper dates will be allowed for the user to ride. Note that existing drivers will not see their current licences modified for cards handled out before January 19, 2013. Instead, those who received their licences after that date will be affected by the new changes.

Andrew Swan, a specialist on motorist issues at Short Richardson & Forth LLP, spoke at a recent event saying that these changes are a tightening up of what these licences have headed towards, and now the new rules will do a number of things for drivers, such as a restriction on the ability to tow trailers that weigh too much, new tests for drivers, and changes to the licence itself.