Nearly 1.5 million drivers do not have insurance


If you are one of the estimated 1.4 million British drivers with no auto insurance, take heed of the warning from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and the Motor Insurer’s Bureau.  New legislation to take effect this spring will make driving without insurance more costly than ever, plus you’re more likely to get caught.

The agencies will be working together to identify not only motor vehicle operators but owners of vehicles that are uninsured.  Unless you have filed a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) with the DVLA for a particular vehicle, every one you own must be insured at all times.  DVLA and MIB will be sharing their databases, and they say it will be quite simple to locate offenders.

The penalties for failing to maintain insurance will be more severe, with a minimum fixed fine of £200 for the first offence.  The vehicle can be impounded, with charges of £150 plus £20 per day until you pay to get it back, and you’ll need proof of insurance to do so.

It is inarguable that uninsured motorists are a major cause of increased premiums for all drivers, and the intention is to drastically reduce the number of drivers and owners who are ‘getting away with it’.  Anyone with questions about the new policies can get answers and information from, and there will be pamphlets containing detailed information about the new laws included with all V11 tax renewal forms starting in March


  1. One thing missing here is verification that this system works. Anyone in the world can “borrow” an insured vehicle. This system has no way to prevent that.

    These verification systems add to the cost of insurance and you are going to blame that on the poor people who cannot afford insurance.

    If you get your pleasure in hurting the poor, that is your choice, Me and Jesus do not go around hurting the poor.