Natalie Pinkham presents some tips on motor insurance


We all know what it feels like to get your first car. Whether it’s an old banger or a sexy racer, suddenly you have the freedom to drive around whenever and wherever you want – without relying on a lift from your parents, or having to stand around waiting for the bus.

But before you can turn a wheel on the tarmac you need to think about car insurance.  While going without it may seem like a great way to save on the pennies, it is a legal requirement and when the penalties involve an automatic fine, penalty points on your licence, having your car seized and possibly even having your licence revoked – at the end of the day it’s simply not worth the risk.

These days all the police have to do is check to see whether your vehicle is on the Motor Insurance Database. And if you’re not on there – you’ll get stopped. It’s that simple.

But there are ways you can get insurance that suits you.  Shop around, take a ‘pass plus’ or advance driving test, or talk to a broker.

Natalie Pinkham – presenter of ‘You’re Nicked’ – has some tips on looking around for the best motor insurance … and she gives you a peek at what happens when you get caught by the police for going without it.

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