Motoring paperwork to become simpler


Help for thousands of British drivers making motoring a little easier by reducing the amount of red tape may be near. The Department of Transport initiative is directed at simplifying the things not only for the individual car user but also for local authorities and businesses. The idea is to scrap three rules with the shake up of regulations even though their impact, in real terms could be relatively minor.

Speed bump rules could be relaxed by easing the restriction on maximum and minimum height and on the different required levels of lighting. Perishable items such as snacks that are left behind less than 48 hours could be disposed of by bus companies, whereas currently they are prohibited with the existing regulations.

The most significant of the changes could be that of the reinvention of insurance cover so no electronic or paper certificate would be needed to prove that a policy was valid and in force. All this is part of the new Red Tape Challenge an initiative of the Cabinet Office that reviews, weekly, a new sector in an attempt to eliminate unnecessary rules that are in the system.