More parking tickets dispensed in 2011 than ever before


More parking tickets were handed out in 2011 than in previous years by town halls and this is despite the number of traffic wardens being reduced. This information has been gathered after a request for freedom of information.

It shows that in 2011 around 7,000,000 tickets were issued, which is a increase of nearly 5 percent on the previous year. This means that a ticket is handed out in the country roughly every four seconds.

This raised a total of nearly £240 million for the government and these figures have been put together by the insurance company, This shows that the number of parking tickets handed out by each warden has risen significantly as the number of traffic wardens fell by nearly 200 in the last year.

It is estimated that 25 percent of tickets are disputed and that those who decide to dispute have a success rate of nearly 40 percent. The capital city of London saw the largest number of tickets handed out and then the second largest number was seen in Liverpool. Manchester city came in third place, with Liverpool coming in fourth.

There has been a direct correlation recorded between the number of tickets handed out in the number of motorists who are disputing the tickets. The number of disputes occurring across the country varies enormously for different regions. For example, in West Sussex, the number of disputed tickets is over 70 percent, whereas in Bradford only around 10 percent of tickets are disputed. The number of people who successfully appealed their ticket is rather consistent across the country, at around 40 percent.

The head of claims for the insurance company who compiled the data, Robin Reames has stated, “In the last 10 years finding parking in busy cities has become increasingly difficult and it is not surprising more tickets are being handed out.”