Michelin man opens lab to study tyres


Did you know that removing your foot from the accelerator while driving will not actually save you that much fuel? It might make your mother feel better in the car with you, but it’s not going to save you any real money on petrol. However, changing to a more road worthy and responsive tyres can actually save you as much as 30% on fuel. At the same time, the switch will also increase your safety while on the road making it a switch that you should seriously consider. This is just one of the many driving tips that you can learn for free thanks to the new campaign launched by Michelin this week.

The Michelin man has been busy it seems thinking of new ways to improve the century old European brand. For decades Michelin has been known as one of the top tyre companies in the country, and for good reason, because the brand works hard to continue to improve via innovation. As part of their new Living Total Performance Campaign they are actually actively watching the road to see just how people drive and how they can create better tyres to match modern urban driving needs.

They have set up a new live driving lab that includes 3000 people throughout Europe. Special monitoring equipment has been placed into cars so that they can record driving habits and situations. The result is a plethora of information and it is all being processed and placed into their road usage lab, a unique digital hub of information that includes all of their initiatives. You can take a look at the road usage lab for yourself online and learn more about safe driving and tyres by reading over some of their finds so far. Every day more and more information is going up so it’s definitely something to check out.