Man sleeps in van to beat DVLA tow truck


dvlaWhile many residents on a Shrewsbury estate have already watched their vehicles get towed after the cares were clamped by the DVLA, one man, David Evans, has his own plan to prevent a tow truck from taking his beloved Commer Van.

Evans made a visit to the DVLA in Harlescott to discuss the fact that he felt his vehicle should be exempt from the tax due to the fact it was built in 1973 and is now a historical vehicle.

At the meeting he was told that he needed to register it by January 1st by calling a number in order to be exempt.

However, he was told that it was not registered until October so it is not exempt and subject to be towed, a move he plans to confront by spending the night in his van so that it cannot be towed away. This will be his second night sleeping in the van.

The first day in the camper van was actually Evans’s birthday, but he spent it in the Camper Van and deflated the tires to discourage towers from taking the vehicle away.

The reason for the clamp is parking an untaxed vehicle on the public highway which Evans and several neighbours say is not valid because they believe the front of their properties and the small patch of land the vehicles were parked on is part of their driveway.

Two cars were towed from the street at 7:20am and slowed as they passed by Evan’s camper van but stopped to come take a look when they realized he was sitting inside the van.

Evans stated that the towing guys came over and after he was informed it was a tax exempt vehicle took a picture and left. He says that all he wants to do is hear the DVLA apologize and take the clamp off.