Man follows his satnav regardless of what his eyes tell him


Robert Jones was charged up with heavy regarding his reckless driving. He left his BMW on the edge of the cliff. He followed the instructions of the sat nav device and headed for his friend’s house. He did not appreciate that he was taking it straight towards a rocky cliff. He then felt that “something went wrong” with his BMW when he clashed with a fence just few inches from a 100ft drop.

Robert said that he had total faith in his satnav. It showed him that the narrow path he was on was a wide road even though it was actually getting narrower and steeper. Despite the obvious discrepancy Robert trusted his satnav and said that he is quite helpless without the device and he could not get anywhere without it. He feels himself lucky enough that his car did not go all the way on the top of the cliff and it was a real nightmare for him.

It almost took nine hours for the recovery team to come up and save his BMW from the cliff and pulled it in a safe place at Todmorden, West Yorks. One of them said that it is good to trust on your satnav but how Robert could not trust his own eyes when he is seeing that the road is getting steeper and narrower was a little confusing. It is sheer a lack of common sense of the driver. Police have charged Robert but and confirmed that if someone is found to have such a lack of care then it is reckless driving and the incident is going to be investigated thoroughly.