Man facing arrest for same DVLA details as another man


dvlaA Livingston man claims that he was given a fine for driving uninsured in a city that he has never been to that was meant for someone who has the same birthday and identical name.

The man, David Lee aged 45, received post from the DVLA on Friday that stated he had received six penalty points and an additional £50 fine for driving without insurance in the town of Southampton.

However, Lee who is registered as disabled, claims that he has never operated a motor vehicle in that town and that this is the second instance in which he was mistaken for a Reading man who has identical credentials.

Previously Lee had his disability benefits temporally stopped in 1993 because the other man with his details was claiming benefits as well as they had the same national insurance number.

According to bosses of social security the mix up was one in a million but now Lee is in the same position only with a different agency.

The DVLA told Lee that his licence will be suspended if he does not pay the fine, even though he has already told the police and the DVLA about the dilemma.

Lee stated that he is frustrated with the situation and that he is scared to stay in his own home because the police may appear to arrest him for something that the other man has done.

A DVLA spokesman stated that they could not comment on the case but admitted that the court may have received the wrong information.