Maggie Smith slams the DVLA for taking away her licence for health reasons


Maggie Smith, who is suffering from type 1 diabetes, has accused the DVLA for being discriminatory to her after the latter cancelled her driving licence for a year. The DVLA imposed the year-long driving ban on Maggie after she refused to disclose the two severe hypoglycaemia attacks she suffered even several months after it occurred. Concealing such cases is considered an offence under existing DVLA rules.

Hypoglycaemia is a medical condition that occurs to those suffering from diabetes. It happens when glucose levels in the blood comes down dangerously, and requires immediate assistance from someone else. Maggie, 43, had suffered the twin attacks while sleeping during the winter months.

Shea has already appealed to the DVLA to consider revoking the ban. In support of her argument, Maggie has also presented a letter from her medical specialist who has stated that Maggie has been managing her diabetic condition responsibly. The doctor further stated that Maggie kept a tab on her blood glucose levels before and while driving.

The authorities though are sticking to their stand, claiming the ban they have imposed is justified. Maggie is up in arms against the DVLA and is contemplating legal action if needed in her fight against what she is claiming to be a draconian rule. She is claiming the attacks she suffered was during her sleep and hence has nothing to do with her driving.

Maggie though runs the risk of ending up paying the agency several thousand dollars if the court upholds the agency’s ruling. Maggie seems undeterred and is determined to take things to the court of law, which will make it a first in Scotland. Meanwhile, Diabetes UK Scotland has stated they are consulting with legal experts to gain a better understanding of the Scottish appeals system.