Know Exactly What You Want From Your Car Insurance Policy


Every year you are presented with the task of renewing your car insurance policy, but do you know what is actually included in your insurance? All you may be concerned about is getting the cheapest policy available, which might leave you with inadequate cover. By making use of price comparison websites, though, you can ensure you get the perfect car insurance policy for you and save money so that you’re not left out of pocket.

In the past, arranging car insurance quotes may have been a balancing act between getting the cover you required and paying as little as you could. You may not have been fully aware of what cover was included in your policy and what you’d be covered for if you were involved in an accident. However, the ability to compare car insurance quotes online has completely changed this, as now you can see exactly what is included within each policy and research any terms you’re not sure of before deciding which policy to go for.

Choosing a Level of Cover

There are three basic levels of car insurance that will form the basis of your policy. These vary in how comprehensive they are and depending on your claim, whether you’ll be covered or not. The most basic level of cover is third party car insurance, which will cover your liability for injuries to other people and damage to their car. This level of cover is probably ideal if you do not drive all that often or have a vehicle that is worth little, but if neither of these criteria applies to you then you should look at different cover.

The next step up is third party, fire and theft car insurance, which will give you cover against the theft of your vehicle or damage caused to it by fire, in addition to the cover included in basic third party car insurance. However, if you’re at fault for the accident and in turn the cost of damage to your car then you will have to pay for the repairs, something you won’t have to do if you take out fully comprehensive cover.

Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most complete cover you can get for your vehicle and will truly give you peace of mind. Under this policy you’ll be covered against accidental damage to your vehicle, so you can rest assured you’re covered in the event of an accident, regardless of whose fault it is. If you’re a motorcycle owner these levels of cover apply to you as well, as bike insurance is divided between the same three broad options.

Selecting Additional Extras

Once you’ve chosen your broad level of car insurance cover, there are additional extras that you may also want included in your policy if they’re not already. These will push the price of your policy up, but may provide you with added benefits that you feel are essential. Which extras you select will depend entirely upon how often you drive your car and how vital it is that you’re never left without a vehicle.

This will determine whether or not you want access to a courtesy car if your vehicle is off the road for a period of time. If you need access to personal transport for work you’ll want this included in your policy. Roadside breakdown assistance may also be an optional extra, which will be essential for drivers who cannot afford to have their vehicle off the road for any time at all. Your work may also require you to travel abroad, for which overseas cover is a must and is generally included as standard, but it is well worth checking that it is.

A further feature you may want included as part of your car insurance policy is legal protection. Each policy is likely to include some level of legal cover, but if your vehicle is particularly valuable, it may be worth trying to get this increased. Even if no cover for legal fees is included, there should be the availability to access legal advice over the phone, which could prove to be invaluable if an accident were to occur.

Making Use of the Tools Available
By making use of price comparison websites, though, you can ensure you get the perfect car insurance policy – whether an insurance policy for men, or car insurance for women – for you and save money so that you’re not left out of pocket.