Insurance may not cover you for putting the wrong fuel in the car


If the wrong fuel was placed in the fuel tank one in three drivers would not be covered by their current car insurance policies according to a new statement by the BIBA (British Insurance Brokers’ Association).

There are about 150,000 annual cases of cars getting mistakenly fuelled by an owner, which is the act of placing diesel into a petrol car or petrol into a diesel car. The effects that are caused by this mistake would only be covered by about two thirds of car insurance policies.

The research from the BIBA also shows that diesel drivers are more likely to mis-fuel with 95% of the incidents involving drivers placing petrol into a diesel car.

Many car insurance companies will not cover the needed repairs from mis-fuelling if the car is driven after the incident if the driver knew about the incident given it would mean they failed to properly take care of their car.

Thus, if a motorist realizes that they have mis-fuelled, the BIBA advises drivers to leave the vehicle in the fuelling spot and alert the petrol station that they need it towed by a breakdown company.

Technical and corporate affairs executive Graeme Trudgill of the BIBA stated that anyone can mis-fuel because it is an easy mistake, but that motorists can get protection in the case of the incident by speaking to your insurance broker about a comprehensive policy that will cover risks that are not expected.

Michael Edwards, the BIBA insurance broker, stated that the most common times for misfuelling to occur are Friday evenings and Monday mornings because drivers are the most preoccupied with thoughts of the weekend or the long week coming up.