Honda CR-V Review


In an age where simplicity and practicality are quintessential to modern living, the new fourth-generation Honda CRV delivers a streamlined chassis with effortless handling. Honda has blended together the cutting edge futurism of its CR range, with the first-class tried and tested diesel engine from the 1.6 litre Civic hatchback. By doing so, it has created a premium vehicle that is practical, economical and eco-friendly.

There are several reasons why this car has been celebrated by industry critics. First of all, Honda has achieved the perfect balance between the practicality of an off-road vehicle while simultaneously appearing elegant and chic for smooth on-road driving. Seamlessly coordinated inside and out, the streamlined design aims not only to impress visually, but to deliver a truly dynamic and comfortable driving experience.

Design-wise, the CR-V’s deep curved bodylines are complimented by expansive window areas, which contribute to an overall spacious feel. These design alterations are not for purely aesthetic purposes; Honda have scientifically engineered a vehicle which is more aerodynamic, unlike anything we’ve seen from them before. This science is also an art form; maximizing comfort from within while modestly turning heads from without.

Whilst the design of the car is spectacular in itself, the CR-V’s SUV qualities are attractive to a number of demographics. Honda have innovated their Vehicle Stability Assistant System which makes for more family friendly and safer driving.  As well as a number of their finely tuned safety features, its perhaps most impressive in its ability to scan the road ahead, applying the brakes or correcting steering while maintaining a safe distance between you and the car in front. In addition, Honda have tailored the CR-V specification to its driver’s needs by improving the space for children and by adding handy fold-down seats which have been modified for extra comfort.

In terms of performance, the Honda CR-V combines the agility of a saloon with the power of a four-wheel drive. The beauty of the CR-V lies with its eco-friendly fuel consumption, with the supremacy of a 60-mpg engine. It’s understandable that Honda are keen to point out the CR-V delivers an ‘outstanding driving experience’. One of its key features (the ‘Econ’ button to be precise), adjusts CO2 emissions at the press of a button, saving you time and money – meaning you’ll be making fewer trips to the pump.

Needless to say, Honda prides itself on a reputation of reliability and excellence.  Their attention to detail and consideration for their customers’ needs ensures that drivers can feel confident about every journey. Every aspect of this car has been well thought through and streamlined to achieve upmost simplicity and perfection. The Honda CR-V  embodies a new generation of automotive technology and design, and is well worth your consideration. For more information on where to find the Honda CR-V for sale, pay a visit to the official Honda website.


Article by Chris Anderson