Incredible Honda Bouncy Castle Stunt – The Live Every Litre Documentary


London-based friends Jack Winter (25), Chris Hall (24) and Dave Larcombe (25) created a sensation at the normally serene Riva Del Garda sailing regatta with their first recorded crossing of the iconic Italian lake on a giant inflatable castle. The young trio undertook the challenge as part of their participation in the Live Every Litre project by Honda (  The trio are no strangers to adventure having battled against the odds to drive from London to Mongolia last summer in a charity banger rally. Their latest challenge was the brainchild of Jack who convinced his fellow adventurers that being the first to successfully navigate the largest of the Italian lakes was an accolade worth aiming for.

The giant red and yellow castle set off at 9am across the lake, making good progress with a combination of paddles and the wind. Escorted by the Italian Police who kept an incredulous eye on proceedings, the Londoners still managed to gate crash an international sailing regatta. After successfully navigating their way through the melee of Lazer class sailing dinghies, the intrepid group came ashore in Riva Del Garda, where astonished tourists formed an unofficial welcoming committee.

Self-appointed group leader and mentor, Chris, was delighted to have made history, commenting: “Great Britain has such a great tradition as a sea fairing nation and we really feel we have played no role at all in adding to this. That said it was possibly the most fun we have ever had and we really never believed this most frivolous of dreams would ever be realised.”

First mate, Dave, added: “When Honda called us to say we had been cast in the final movie we thought they must be joking, and even now it doesn’t seem real. Hopefully after the weekend we can have confirmation from the Italian authorities that this really is the first time this has been done, but I am sure this is just a formality…”

The triumvirate are just one of a number of stories making up the Live Every Litre crowd-sourced documentary film in which members of the public have been nominated by the project’s online community to realise their dream in the new Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe. The journeys which make up the road movie range from the pure fun of the London Schoolboys, to the poignant journey of “Bowman” who will revisit the site he came ashore during the D-Day landings. These stories are being filmed by award winning Swiss Director, Claudio Von Planta, best known for filming the “Long Way Down and “Long Way Round” expeditions with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.