HID Xenon Bulb – Philips vs Lumro

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How To Pick The Right HID Xenon Bulb – Philips vs Lumro

Looking for a new Xenon d3s bulb and can’t pick between the sea of options? Fear not! We’re here to help. One of the key questions you’ll have to answer is whether you go for a higher priced brand or try to save with a cheaper alternative. In this quick post, we’ll be going over the differences between the Philips D3S and the Lumro D3S. Take a look through the following comparisons to get a quick summary of how these two bulbs stack up against one another.

Lifetime Expectancy

When it comes to bulbs, the working life expectancy is probably the first thing you’d expect to be different between options in different price ranges, and you’d be right! The Philips D3S has an expected lifespan of 2500 hours, while the Lumro D3S on average lasts for less than 2000 hours. That’s a difference of about 500+ hours.

If you think on average that you use your car with the headlamps on for around an hour a day, you’d potentially get 500+ days or well over a year more out of a Philips D3S bulb than the Lumro. Bearing in mind that Lumro bulbs are generally priced at roughly £25 – £35 less than the Philips bulbs, do you think having that extra working life is worth this difference in price? Anyone working to a tight budget will probably think not, but those who like the idea of benefiting from maximum performance for as long as possible will have an easier decision to make.


Most vendors will offer the Philips D3S in just the original 4300K OEM standard colour. The 4300K emits a light that is close to the shade of daylight. At 4300K, the visual quality is untarnished by any degree of colour tinting which ensures you experience maximum visual clarity in the dark. The more colour you add to a bulb, the lower the visual clarity you get in return. The Lumro, on the other hand, is available in a range of colour temperatures – 4300K original white, 6000K cool white, 8000K aqua blue, and 10000K sapphire blue.

If you simply want maximum performance and don’t care about the addition of colour, the Philips D3S gets the thumbs up. If you really had your heart set on bulbs with a striking new colour temperature, then the Lumro bulbs give you a great selection of colour choices.

Manufacturing quality

Both of these bulbs are manufactured in Germany, they are both E-marked (road legal), and both are 35W/42V. In terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, Philips and Lumro both offer a one year warranty. In these areas, the two options pair up very evenly, so it really comes down to your personal preference of colour temperatures and lifespan as mentioned above.

To sum up

If you favour longevity of working life over everything else, the Philips D3S HID Xenon bulb is going to be hard to beat. If you prioritise a more stylish colour temperature or want to save as much as you can in the short term, the Lumro D3S certainly ticks these boxes.