Gocompare car insurance


The largest and most reliable of car insurance comparison companies in the U.K., according to the independent consumer information website MoneySavingExpert, is gocompare car insurance.  This is an online organization with the capability of comparing both prices and features of various insurance policies offered by different companies with the aim of helping consumers make informed decisions about their car insurance.

The company, based in Newport, South Wales, was founded in 2006 and has grown considerably from a base of about 40 comparison companies to more than one hundred.

The fact that it focuses more on specific features of each policy rather than just prices led to Gocompare being invited to join BIBA (the British Insurance Brokers Association).

Gocompare has since won various awards for excellence, including the Fast Growth Business Award for ‘One to Watch’ in 2008 and the Investors in People award in 2009.

Hayley Parsons, the founder and CEO of Gocompare, has received several awards in her own right.  She got the South Wales Chamber of Commerce ‘Women in Business’ award in 2009, and she won in the ‘Business Leader’ category of the 2010 Inspire Wales Awards.

Her philosophy regarding the Gocompare site is based on the belief that consumers want and need to have an unbiased, independent source of information that will save them time and eliminate confusion in their search for the most affordable and comprehensive insurance.

Overall, the Gocompare site has established itself as highly secure and accountable to consumers.  The company has adopted the latest security technology from Internet Certification Authorities, insuring that users are protected from the various risks of identity theft and phishing attacks.

They also have possibly the most advanced computer network and correlation ability in their field, enabling the user to specify exact requirements and get a thoroughly researched synopsis of exactly what a policy offers.  At the same time the Gocompare search can identify and compare specific prices for each feature and give a realistic quote for each individual policy.

Gocompare attempts to maximize its ease of use by offering a simple form that the consumer fills out online.  It then compares the features and rates of about 110 car insurance companies using its trademark five star rating system to compare each company’s record of consumer satisfaction.  Users can get a preliminary quote from as many companies as desired, with no charge from Gocompare, so the total final quote is the same as it would be if the user had gone directly to that company.