Give a Car for the British Skin Foundation


Do you have an old banger in your garage? A clapped out car in your garden? A rusty old run-around in your street? It’s time to let it go and recycle for research!

If you have an old car that’s just gathering rust, why not contact Give a Car and turn your old motor into money for the British Skin Foundation.

Give a Car has already raised £1 million and counting for charities to date. It’s eas y to donate your car in three easy steps.

  1. Contact Give a Car by filling in the online form
    or calling 020 7736 4242 to arrange a convenient pick up time (within 3-10 days).
  2. Your car is picked up for free and is sent to auction or scrap.
  3. Receive a receipt of your donation within six weeks.




You can even choose to donate half the value of your car and receive a cheque for the other half.

By choosing to donate your car to the British Skin Foundation, you will be helping the only UK charity dedicated to raising funds for skin disease and skin cancer research. There are eight million people living with a skin disease in the UK, some are manageable and others are severe enough to kill.

Skin disease doesn’t just affect the skin. It can have a huge impact on a person’s day-to-day life, crush self-confidence, restrict movement, lead to depression and put a huge strain on families as well as personal relationships. Our unwavering commitment to funding quality research means we won’t stop until we’ve found cures for common skin problems like eczema and acne through to potential killers like malignant melanoma.

You can log on today