Fuelgrip – helping drivers fill their tanks


FuelgripA British invention that replaces makeshift fuel pump trigger grips such as tennis balls and blocks of wood, which are commonly used by HGV drivers to hold the trigger of a fuel pump while refuelling, is making its debut at this year’s UK Truckfest. The low cost universal device, called fuelgrip™, has been welcomed by HGV and domestic car drivers and simply clips onto a fuel pump trigger to securely hold it in the ‘on’ position until the driver removes it.

Retailing at just £2.99 the small, reusable fuel pump trigger grip has the attraction of being convenient and inexpensive for the consumer while providing a practical solution for people that have large fuel tanks to fill, or for those with compromised hand grip.

Kevin De’Cort, managing director of fuelgrip makers, Hands off Solutions said: ‘HGV drivers find refuelling tedious, an average truck will take 15 minutes to fill and many drivers dangerously use tennis balls or blocks of wood to hold the fuel trigger in place. We have had very positive feedback from all types of drivers. Each fuelgrip™ measures 750mm by 902mm, and is easily stored inside the vehicle or even locks neatly around the petrol cap on many popular makes of car’.

fuelgrip™ can also be branded with individual company names and a colour specific version is also being piloted. ‘The company is also approaching all major car manufacturers to combine fuelgrip™ with every new car sale, so it is really catching on’ added De’Cort.

fuelgrip™ can be ordered in various quantities from just one, but there are savings to be made on multiple purchases.

Website:  www.fuelgrip.com