Fall is petrol prices doesn’t make drivers use their cars more


Despite the fall in petrol price’s after it reached its peak in 2012, a survey reveals that only one of the four motorists travel the same way they used to last year, while others do not use their car in order to save on money. The November survey has also come out with some startling facts, claiming that although the petrol price rise has been controlled to a certain extent, but the motoring cost is up.

RAC survey conducted in early 2012 shows that over 1,000 motorists say that car is something that one cannot discount on. Nearly 53 percent of those who have taken the survey say that they use the car to drop and pick up their kids to and from school.

Another 57 percent agree that they cannot do weekly grocery shopping and other household related work without the car. Again 54 percent claim that they use the car to commute between work and office. 63 percent say that visiting family members is possible only with the car.

While speaking on this RAC Technical Director David Bizley says that they are aware of the 12 percent fall in the sales during the first six months of 2012 as compared to the year 2008. Though the number of driving licenses between the same time is steadily increasing, the mileage covered is decreasing, as compared to 2008.

He adds that families across the country are struggling to make both ends meet as their petrol bills are going up by the day. The most affected are the people who live in the rural areas where the local transport support is poor. This makes it all the more necessary for them to use their cars to buy groceries, transport kids to and from school and other activities.