Essential servicing for the winter


It is essential to ensure that your car is regularly serviced since this will improve its performance. Additionally, you will also have reduced incidents of breakdowns irrespective of the weather and this is especially true in winters.

According to many breakdown companies, more than 50% of the breakdowns happen due to carelessness of the owners who are simply too lazy to service their cars. One should be careful while checking the tyres to ensure they do not have worn out treads since this is illegal and it is necessary to keep a watch on the tyre pressure too.

One of the major causes of breakdowns is usually battery failure. One can monitor the health of the batteries by gauging the time taken to start the car. Be quick to change the batteries if the time taken is too long. However, the problem may be due to the starter motor too. When you take your car to the garage, you can ask them to check the condition of the fan belt.

It is common for radiators to develop cracks or leaks. When one is checking the radiator, one could have a look at the anti-freeze. The more of the glycol anti-freeze, the higher the chances of keeping the system functional. Check the washers and hoses and replace those that will not last through the winter.

Normally windscreen wiper blades will only last for a year. You should also have the exhausts as part of the elements that would need to be changed due to regular use. In second hand cars, one should also consider changing the cam belt. A damaged belt could ruin the engine.

Changing the belt will prove more economical and convenient compared to having to wait until everything breaks in the middle of the road. If your car has crossed the three-year mark or has travelled for 50,000 miles or more, it is probable that the shock absorbers are damaged. It is worth checking this up. Ensure you also clean the car regularly to remove all dirt including salt and mid.