DVLA spot fraudulent license review email


A 37-year old woman fraudulently reversed the DVLA five-year ban on her driving license with an e-mail.  Kalpna Copeland pretended to be an official from York Magistrates Court.  She sent an e-mail telling the DVLA that the ban on her driving license no longer applied.  A clerk believed her and reinstated her privilege to drive.

Even though the clerk reinstated her license there was a review of the case by the DVLA and the police were informed that she was, indeed, not allowed to drive a motor vehicle.  The investigation was triggered because the e-mails originated from a personal Yahoo account rather than a secured government address.

The IP address was for a computer in her brother’s home.  She was staying with him at the time the e-mails went out.  Copeland was sentenced to 6 months jail time on two fraud charges.  The prosecutor said that jail time was indisputable in order to prove that the process of the courts, in this case the DVLA, could not be shirked or overturned at will by offenders.

During her trial it was revealed that Copeland has had convictions in 2002, 2004, and again in 2008 for drink-driving.  She maintains that drinking and alcohol abuse are at the heart of all her problems.  Her driving ban is once again official and the DVLA feels vindicated in that they caught the falsification before Copeland ever got a chance to resume driving.

Spokesmen for the agency were happy to note that their processes to identify and deter abuse of the system worked well.  They said that in cases where information is in doubt, the agency robustly investigates and Copeland is an example of how the process works to stop cheats.

The news about Copeland came out around the same time it was revealed that another driver accumulated 54 points before his license was taken away.