DVLA overcharging motorists


Upon receiving their licenses thousands of suspended motorists realized they had been charged incorrectly for a medical check. They also have realized they may have paid higher car insurance as well, because of this loophole and that has them infuriated.

The compulsory exams are for suspended drivers deemed “high risk” offenders. The label is after having been charged fro drink-driving at least twice, well over the limit or having failed to supply a specimen. The law does not allow the DVLA to charge offenders for the cost of these examinations and the DVLA has previously charged them. In the past 20 years over 3,000 have been incorrectly charged.

When the problem was identified in December of last year, the Department of Transport changed their administrative processes. Transport Minister Mike Penning has said that once again the Government is cleaning up the mess of Labour. Claiming it was a time bomb that was ignored for over 13 years.

A refund of £25 for the administration premium that was built into the cost for applicants and they are no longer charging the medical fee. Over 2,800 drivers totally over 3,400 cases have be verified for consideration of a refund and this could finally be put into action.

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