DVLA introduces new rules for drivers of large vehicles


The DVLA has introduced new driver licence rules with the overall aim of making sure that drivers that have large vehicles are truly qualified to be in control of their cars both in terms of experience on the road and being medically fit.

From this point forward any bus, minibus, or lorry driver will have to pass a test that will give them a valid licence for five years at which point it will have to be renewed with all qualifications subject to testing again. Each five years drivers will be asked to sign a declaration that they are medically fit. After the age of 45, drivers will have to actually submit a medical examination report from a qualified GP in order to renew their licence.

Current drivers that have already passed the test under the age of 45 will have to follow the same guidelines from this point forward. Another new law allows drivers that have passed a category B test (standard car and small vehicle) to tow a small trailer with their car, but the trailer has to weigh 750kg or less.

The combined weight of the towing vehicle and the trailer that it is towing cannot be over 3,500kg. Drivers that want to tow a larger trailer or have an instance when the trailer and vehicle is over the limit will have to take a test and get a B+E entitlement added to their licence.

Compliance Manager at Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Services stated that the new rules are going to force fleet managers to complete more paperwork and is going to make everything cost a bit more administrative time since fleet departments are going to have to update all of their drivers’ medical information.