Driving in an Environmentally Responsible Manner in 2013


2As the average consumers level of social and environmental responsibility has grown, so too there has been a drive to reduce the collective carbon footprint of the UK. Driving has provided a much discussed topic in this time, with proactive motorists looking to use their vehicle sparingly and adopt alternative modes of transport. Using a car remains a necessity for many citizens, however, which means that there is a pressing need to find a balance as an environmentally aware driver.


Respecting the Environment as a Driver: 3 Things to Bear in Mind

With this in mind, what practical steps can motorists take to uphold their environmental principles without compromising on the quality of their life? Consider the following: –

  1. Trade your Car for a More Fuel Efficient Model: Car owners who wish to make a difference to the environment are aided by modern design principles, which are geared towards producing fuel efficient models. These vehicles not only contribute towards a more prosperous environment, but they also allow you to make considerable financial savings that more than repay the value of the car. As advances in fuel economy continue to be made, now is the ideal opportunity to trade in an older model and purchase a car with genuine economic credentials.
  2. Find Another Way of Commuting to Work: Since cars first entered the mainstream of society 60 years ago, motorists have been compelled to drive them as often as possible. This philosophy has changed in recent times, however, especially in North America and Europe. Instead, citizens who are required to travel long distances and embark on a daily commute to work should search for alternative modes on transportation, with trains and buses offering an efficient and relatively affordable travel option.
  3. Use an Eco-Friendly Car to Leverage Insurance Discounts: The world’s governments are now looking to incentivize brands and citizens to be environmentally responsible, and this can have tremendous benefits for motorists. Reputable insurance providers such as Axa Northern Ireland now offer discounts for drivers who own eco-friendly cars, for example, which reduces the amount that they will pay in premiums over time. So by embracing your conscience and purchasing an environmentally responsible vehicle, you can leverage a host of financial savings and improve your own financial circumstances.

The Final Word

While eco-friendly cars were once perceived as being expensive and over priced, a surge in political pressure and consumer demand has helped to drive this cost down. This, in conjunction with increased savings on the costs of running and insuring your car, enables you to drive when necessary without compromising your beliefs or long terms environmental aspirations.