Driveways named as the UK most expensive parking spaces


Driveways are some of the most expensive parking spaces in the UK according to research that was announced this week by Europcar, the top car hire services provider in Europe. The study of about 100 motorists found that about ten percent of them spend their income on car ownership and motoring costs even though two-thirds of them use their cars for less than an hour every day. Therefore, most cars are simply staying parked in the driveway all day.

Managing Director Ken McCall for Europcar UK Group stated that they started the research in order to figure out how people are driving in the face of the higher motoring costs. McCall added that from the research it was very clear that most people are not sure how they could manage if they did not have a car, but at the same time they are dealing with costs by using them less. Now that about half of all people are driving less than a hour every day it seems that driveways are the top parking spots in the county.

The research from Europcar also found that insurance is a large issue for most drivers with most motoring respondents stating that their costs have increased by about £57 every year and most admit that they spend as much as £600 on their car cover alone. Consider the fact that about a third of all motorists have two cars in their households and all of these costs need to be doubled.

Even though car ownership costs are increasing steadily about half of those in the survey stated that public transport would not be able to take the place of their car and most admitted that it is too costly, unreliable, and inconvenient to depend on public transport alone.